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  Fall 2017 Digital Image Competition Results   

General Portrait

"Shush ! I'm Trying to Ignore You"  1st. PLACE  Jen Hargrove // Prize Creative Live Class
" I Dare You"  2nd. PLACE Kerri Weiss
"The Refined Feline" 3rd. PLACE Laura Dajoraite

"Red Breaking Symmetry" 1st. PLACE Yaneck Wasiek // Prize Phlearn Tutorial

"Opulence"  1st. PLACE Jen Hargrove // Prize 1 Year Album Exposure
"Verdant Temple" 2nd. PLACE Cindy Dover

"Baby Bear" 1st. PLACE Talita Springer // Prize Creative Live Class
"Roll Play" 2nd. PLACE Kerri Weiss
"I got the big one" 3rd. PLACE Jeanna Hegewald

Individual, Group, Family
"Mirror of Melancholy" 1st. PLACE Brenda Pottinger // Prize Creative Live Class
"Feisty Eyes" 2nd. PLACE Talita Springer
"Miss Mollie" 3rd. PLACE Kristy Steeves

"Sunset on the Harbor" 1st. PLACE Warrena Barnerd // Prize 1 Year Sticky Folios

Visionary Illustrative
"Sunflower Fractal" 1st. PLACE Nelson Charette // Prize Phlearn Tutorial
"Refections of Autumn" 2nd. PLACE Kerri Weiss
"The Tiny Dancers" 3rd. PLACE TIE Kerri Weiss
"All Aboard" 3rd PLACE TIE Susan Gertz
"Autumn Grace" 3rd. PLACE Toni Harryman

Wedding Day
"Alone At Last" 1st. PLACE Cindy Dover // Prize 1 Year Ice Society

Wedding Details
"My Something New" 1st. PLACE Brenda Pottinger // Prize 45 USB Memory Direct Drives

All first place finishers will also receive a FREE competition print from our friends at American Color Imaging!

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